How Models & Creators can Stay Safe on OnlyFans

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OnlyFans is a platform that has become increasingly popular among content creators and fans, offering a unique space to share content with followers and set their own subscription prices. While the platform is relatively new, it has already gained over 450,000 content creators and over 30 million fans. However, with its growing popularity, it’s important to understand the security and safety concerns that come with using the platform.

Whether you’re a model, creator, or subscriber, it’s essential to know how to stay safe on OnlyFans. In this blogpost, we will be taking a deep-dive into the platform to determine its safety, potential vulnerabilities to hackers, and the measures you can take to keep your identity and personal information secure.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform that allows users to share their content with followers/subscribers (fans). The platform is used by a wide variety of content makers, including influencers, artists, chefs, writers, fitness trainers, models, adult performers, and more. The platform’s popularity is due to the fact that it allows explicit content, which is not possible on other social media platforms like Instagram.

Who Uses OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is used by both content makers and fans/subscribers. While the platform is primarily used by both professional and amateur adult performers, anyone can sign up and share their content. However, it’s crucial to keep your location and identity anonymous when capturing images and video footage for your OnlyFans account. This is particularly true for attractive women who are also sex workers, as they may face threats and stalking in real life.

OnlyFans Safety Tips for Models and Creators – How to Stay Safe!

No website is ever completely safe from hackers, but you can improve your chances of staying safe on OnlyFans by following these tips:

1. Use an Anonymous Email Address/Account

OnlyFans requires a valid email address for authentication. However, you don’t have to use your current email address. Instead, you can create a new anonymous email account specifically for OnlyFans, such as ProtonMail, which doesn’t ask for any personal information when signing up.

2. Use 2-Step Authentication

2-step authentication is a security feature that requires you to sign in to your account in two steps every time, with a code sent to your mobile number. This adds an extra layer of security to your account, even if a hacker was successful in guessing your password.

3. Use a Strong Password

OnlyFans accounts can get hacked, but usually, it’s because the user has not chosen a strong password. To choose a strong password, you should use a password generator tool, never write down your password, use uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers, never share your password with anyone, choose something unrelated and obscure, and never use a password that you have already used for other logins.

4. Block Problematic Users

OnlyFans allows you to block users based on their IP addresses if you suspect that they might cause trouble. You can also block entire countries if you don’t want people in your own country to access your OnlyFans profile.

5. Use an Assumed Name

To protect yourself from real-life stalkers, it may be a good idea to use a pen name (a name that is not your real one) on OnlyFans. You can also edit your public profile so that certain information is unavailable to everyone. Selling feet pics is also a good way to stay safe and anonymous.